Eye your fish. Check for signs of illness; white spots, red streaks, fungus, sores, erratic swimming or signs of aggression such as bite marks or scrapes.  Upon seeing signs of aggression make a mental note and keep a sharp eye on it over the next while.  You may need to remove an aggressive fish if conditions don’t improve.

Heater Check.  Is the temperature okay?  Check the heater for any interior water.  We recommend a temperature of 78 degrees  F. for most tropical fish although there are some fish that prefer it a little different.

Remove any dead fish or browning plant leaves.

Clogged Filter Intakes.  Check and remove debris from filter intake stems.


Water Change.  Remove 15 to 25% of the water by vacuuming the gravel.  Careful not to vacuum to closely to live plant roots. 

Glass Cleaning.  Scrub algae off inside glass and easily removable intake stems. A white film will commonly develop on the glass.  This film will build up much more if you are overfeeding.  Make a mental note.


Filter Cleaning.  Clean sponges and replace carbon but, not to lose good bacteria in doing so.  We recommend using bio balls, ceramic rings or lava rock inside the mechanical filter to be rinsed off in aquarium water to insure the beneficial bacteria remains in the aquarium.  Remember to clean motor units and impellers. 

Extra Vacuuming.  Rearrange aquarium ornaments and vacuum extensively.  It is okay to change 50% of water at this time.

The Mobile Aquarium Maintenance Fees

Prices include weekly cleaning and health checks.  Fees start at $140/mo. for 25 gallons to 33 gallons.  Larger tank prices are negotiable. Lessons and Irregular maintenance is also available at $40/hr. 

Tips For Maintaining