A proper diet is very important. It is not okay to only feed one type of food. The label may say “complete flakes” but this is still only one type of food. Read ingredients label to be sure the contents are not full of cereals. A good quality flake such as OSI is less likely to cause algae growth due to less phosphates. Colorbits by tetra is another favorite of ours. The slow sinking granules bring out the color as well as not dissolving immediately so our bottom feeders can gobble them up. Shrimp pellets are good too, but overfeeding will cloud the water so be careful. Algae Discs, OSI Spirulina flakes and HBH Veggie Flakes provide vegetable matter for a wide variety of fish – not only for algae eaters. Blood worms, brine shrimp, plankton, beef heart and mysis shrimp are just some of the frozen and freeze dried food available. Zucchini and cucumber make great treats for your plecos. Leaf lettuce is great for loaches, cichlids and many other species. Getting the necessary greens can make all the difference. Take frozen peas, leave them in some warm water for about 10 minutes, pop them out of the outer shell and cut them into quarters. Your fish will love this. Occasionally we feed live crickets, earthworms and mealworms. The larger fish eat these whole and the smaller fish take in the bits that come out of the larger fishes gills. Remember the more variety the better. If you say that flakes have always been okay by them selves, you’re cheating your fish out of longer, healthier lives.

My rule of thumb for the right amount;
Flakes/granules- gone in 1 minute
Pellets- 5 minutes
Tablets- 10 minutes